What are joint injections?

Joint injections are used to deliver steroids directly into a joint, such as a knee, ankle, or wrist. Sometimes fluid is removed from the joint before the steroid is injected. Steroid joint injections can help with pain and swelling by treating the underlying joint inflammation – improvement is often fast.

what conditions can ankle injections help with?

how does it work?

Joint injections or aspirations (taking fluid out of a joint) are performed in an office or hospital setting, often with a cold spray or other local anesthesia. After the skin surface is thoroughly cleaned, a needle inserted directly into the joint. At this point, either joint fluid can be removed (aspirated) and used for appropriate laboratory testing, or steroids can be injected into the joint. The steroid treats the inflammation inside the joint, leading to decreased swelling and pain.


The risks for joint aspirations and injections are minimal. Infection, bleeding, and other major risks are rare.

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